Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Slovenia: Day 1

This day saw us departing on Qatar Airways to Venice, Italy. Although we were a family of eight, the immigration screening at our arrival was smooth. After picking up our luggage, we loaded them on a few free trolleys and pushed through the green zone, after which we met our Slovenia Explorer guide. He was waiting for us with a small board displaying our family surname. 

We drove in a nine-seater van to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The plan was to stop for lunch, then visit a military museum close to Lipica, a stud farm. 
We had our lunch at the Gostilna Mesnica in the village of Divača. Gostilna is a word used in Slovenia. I haven't heard it anywhere else. It is a special type of restaurant that runs in a family’s home and uses locally grown produce. 

This particular Gostilna we had lunch in specialized in meat. Their appetizer was delicious raw processed beef. We are not used to eating raw meat but all of us tried this dish. To some, it was delicious. To others, it was not that bad. Our main dish was medium done steak. The sweet we had was Gibanica, consisting of layers of nuts, poppy seeds and cream. It tasted like our sweet "Um-Ali".

After lunch, we visited the Military History Museum in the village of Pivka, which tells the story of Slovenia's independence in 1991 and its separation from the former Yugoslavia. We saw some planes, tanks, war weapon systems and a Russian submarine that had been manufactured by Yugoslavia. It is worth mentioning here that Slovenia declared its independence within ten days of the war after declaring its separation from Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav Army tried to surround Slovenia and cut it off from Austria, Italy and Hungary, thinking that the danger was coming from those areas but not expecting that the Slovenian people would carry arms against them from the inside and would ultimately cut off their supplies arriving from Croatia. As for Croatia, Bosnia and other states of the former Yugoslavia, the crisis lingered for a long time because of the multiplicity of races and religions.

After this tour, we reached the capital Ljubljana and our accommodation, the "Antique" Hotel in the old city. It was an old-fashioned hotel. I do not recommend this hotel due to its lack of an elevator. Instead, the Slon Hotel, which has become part of the Best Western chain of hotels, is a better option.


Komanda Military Museum

Gostilna Mesnica
Kraška cesta 30, 6215 Divača, Slovenia

Slon Hotel

Map of Ljubljana

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