Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Slovenia: Day 4

At 10:00 am, we headed to the Triglavski Narodni Park. We saw the Sloveniak ski team practicing their ski jumps. This is a famous sport that Slovenia competes and wins medals in at the global arena. Their champion is Peter Brevec. We saw them jump from great heights over the slope of the ski runway. When they hit the ground, we heard a loud thud. I bet they suffer from knee problems. See this video:

We then hiked in the Tamar valley for 10 kilometers.

After coming back, we booked a zipline ski jump for six persons only. It simulates a ski jump for those who cannot take part in the actual sport. For this simulation, you have to weigh less than 120 kg. You should be able to carry a 12 kg bag, which has the pulleys and straps needed for the jump, on your back. Also you should not suffer from spinal problems and epilepsy. We had two people taking photographs and videos. After putting on our helmets and fastening the straps around our waists, we carried our gear to the chair lift that would take us to the top of the mountain. Up there were two people helping jumpers to get ready and strapping them to the jump cable. They also ensured the safety of jumpers and coordinated the release of the jumper with the lower station once the previous jumper had reached safely. The length of the jump was 600 meters at an initial incline of 60 degrees. Then it flattened as the jump progressed. Please look at the following video for further details:

After we had experienced this thrill, we went for lunch and then left for our accommodation.

Some of us needed Internet sim cards because Ooredoo, the Qatar communication company, does not have an agreement with Slovenia for discounted roaming prices. Ooredoo calls it a "passport". We found a 10 G internet sim card for €15 – much cheaper than Ooredoo rates. 


Triglavski National Park
Latitude:46° 27' 00" North / Longitude: 13° 42' 33" East (1232)
Rateče, Slovenia

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