Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Slovenia: Day 7

We headed this morning to the Triglav Narodnic Park. We walked in the forest until we reached the Peričnik waterfall. The three of us who had strong knees went on a steep slope to the top of the water fall. It was an adventure for them. After having a good time, we descended and went to the mountaineering museum where we learned about Italian battles against the Austrians and the Hungarians. We also sat in a cabin listening to a simulated thunderstorm in the mountain.

After the museum, we went to see a Slovenian family house near the Bled lake to learn more about how they lived. They showed us a small museum that they made by collecting many old artifacts from the old days in order to reflect their way of living and their lifestyle. 


Naravni spomenik Peričnik - 4281 Mojstrana, Slovenia

Slovenian Alpine Museum, also Slovenian Mountaineering Museum, is a mountaineering museum in Mojstrana, Slovenia.

Traditional Slovenian house and collections
Mlinska cesta, Bled 4260

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