Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Slovenia: Day 9

This day saw a hiking trip by the Lake Bohinj through the Mostnice gorges and the Voje valley. The Voje valley was formed by a glacier. Since the ice age, water has passed underneath the ice from the top of the Triglav mountain, thereby forming the valley. Walking through the Mostnice gorge, you will notice the shapes of different faces engraved in the rocks, as happens in fairy tales. The hiking duration is two hours if you wish to cover the trail without pausing. We stopped many times to appreciate this wonderful natural sight, the sound of water falling into the gorges and the smell of the forest around. We walked for 75 minutes, and then came back, covering 5 kilometers in two hours.

See how water cuts into rocks at the Mostnice gorges in the Voje valley:

We went to Gostilna Mehovc in Stara Fuzhina, which was close to the gorges. After lunch, we took the family to the Studor village, also close to the gorges. They rode Icelandic horses around Lake Bohinj for two hours. After this wonderful time, we came back to Kranjska Gora in one hour.


Mrcina Ranch 
Studor 4267 Srednja vas v Bohinju 

Gostilna Mehovc
Stara Fuzhina 118, Bohinjsko Jezero 4265 Slovenia

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