Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Slovenia: Day 2

After a brief breakfast, we went out with our guide to the Velika Planina, which is located one and a half hour north of Ljubljana. We took a cable car to the summit of the Kamnik Alps where we saw pastures (for grazing cows), old huts and the simple lifestyles of the shepherds.

We hiked for 5 kilometers and stopped at the only restaurant there to taste the delicious štruklji consisting of layers of pastry, cottage cheese and black and red wild berries.

Then, we came down and headed to the Gostilna Repnik in Kamnik village where we had chicken liver pâté with mixed nuts, eggs with mushroom, beef stomach mixed with meat, and the main course of deer steak. 
After lunch, we headed to Zgornje Palovče for bread making.

They showed us how Slovenian bread is made from flour, fresh yeast, milk, sugar and water. Everyone in the group had the chance to make their own bread, whereby they made the dough, shaped it and put it to rest in order for it to rise. We saw the old oven and how wood is burned inside as fuel, and how it is used to bake or cook different dishes. The smoke coming out of the wooden oven was suffocating in the confines of the little house. We would go out to breath and come back to listen and watch. After this, we came back to our hotel in Ljubljana.


Velika Planina, 
Kamniška Bistrica 2,
1242 Stahovica

Gotilna Repnik,
Vrhpolje pri Kamniku 186, Kamnik 1241 Slovenia

Bread Making:
Budnar Museum House
TD Kamn'k
Zgornje Palovče 5, 1241 Kamnik

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