Thursday, 1 September 2016

Slovenia: Day 11

Today was an open day in Kranjska Gora. Three of my kids went for mountain biking. Mountain biking is not easy. It requires supervised training. My three boys had to descend from the mountain through curves, jumps and steep slopes with gravel. The rest would go on the chair lift up the mountain and slide down on a toboggan. Then they would ascend again on the chair lift but this time they would hike down.

One of our mountain bikers could not make it. He fell at the start and opted to leave because it was too dangerous for him. The others completed their training but at the final leg, one of them toppled over a descending curve and was hurt. When we reached him, he was in pain and requested me to check if he had any broken bones. We took him to the emergency in Jesenice, a 20-minute drive, where a couple of X-rays showed that he had suffered no broken bones, although he was in pain for the next five days. They put his right arm in a sling.

A video clip showing their mountain biking:

Once we came back from the hospital, the rest of the family were waiting for us – eager to have a delicious lunch prepared by our host Mr. Gregor, the owner of the Slovenia Explorers Travel firm. He prepared a roasted lamb in a unique way. The whole lamb was cleaned and put between two steel meshes. Then it was put inside a wooden box with a tin-covered interior. The box with the lamb was covered with a steel tray with charcoal on top for one and a half hours. It was then removed and inverted so the other side could roast for another half an hour. They said that they had imitated this process from an American family in the US. The lamb was very tasty according to the testimony of everyone present. We had it with Slovenian bread, tomatoes, hot pepper, cucumbers with yogurt, and scallions.

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